Swoon-worthy Seasonal Hair and Beauty Campaigns

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Swoon-worthy content for hair salon brands


This Salon Services photographic hair and beauty campaign is a showcase of just some of the products they sell in their hair and beauty range including hair colour, hair styling products, make-up, nail polishes and nail accessories, all of which are used here to create these irresistible seasonal looks.

“I love creating gorgeous beauty and hair photographic campaigns for clients. Simplistic, realistic ‘I want that look’ imagery which really enhances the clients products.”


Swoon-worthy Seasonal Hair and Beauty Campaigns 2

It’s all in the detail…


Picking up key detail such as the beauty of natural hair in the hair photography is important, to really show off the product range. It is essential to create such raw detail to give the truest representation of a product. Such profound detail allows the client to use the image in whatever way they need to. Large format print, magazine adverts, posters, web banners, or social media content  – there are just so many possibilities.

Swoon-worthy Seasonal Hair and Beauty Campaigns 3

Shooting regularly is an effortless way for businesses to generate relevant content for all types of marketing activity that are consistent and on brand. The images can create awe-inspiring stories for the trade or consumer press, and can really enhance the quality and diversity of a brand, product or business.

Swoon-worthy Seasonal Hair and Beauty Campaigns 4

It’s a showcase

“This is a showcase of the various uses of my beauty photography and hair photography from this Salon Services shoot in 2018. I am proud to share it as it is as realistic as it gets – there is no false advertising here.



I light the shoots as if I am working on film, and this ensures the client has a more dynamic view on the shoot, where they can really visualise their campaign coming to life. Together we make sure they get everything they need. This relaxed flow enables me to work harmony with the creative team and focus on the models and get the best from them all… I just love it when a plan comes together”

Swoon-worthy Seasonal Hair and Beauty Campaigns 5